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you want rules I'll give you rules

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1you want rules I'll give you rules Empty you want rules I'll give you rules on Mon Aug 04, 2008 10:33 am


rule #1 is follow the rules
1. if you are doing an action use * or italics
2. NO SWEARING PERIOD only Admins can swear
3. do not post without reason ( aka SPAM )
4. no inappropritet stuff ( this is rated E+10 or PG )
5. no legendary Pokemon unless you have MY PERMISSION

Text speech is permitted
using numbers for words is not permitted
using other letters to get an inappropriate word across is not permitted
no weapons. AT ALL
stay on subject

There are no levels.
dont evolve right away
You have to be fair.
No finding rare Pokemon or Shinies unless an admin says you deserve it.
Request for a shiny/legendary/rare by asking Jason, Devin,Lunatia or Doreto.
you will handle the PC.
more will be added later

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